Honest burgers – our fave & FODMAP-friendly & gluten free!

29 Aug


Honest burgers started out in Brixton market (if you’ve never been-go! They have all types of food, and all fantastic! And at good prices!) but they are now popping up across London, at the moment, soho, Camden and Portobello.

The burgers are, I have to say, some of the best I have ever tasted, and I confess I have eaten a lot of burgers in my time (though not as many as JM on her “famous” burger quest (I’ll let her explain that one!)).

I have always gone for the “Honest” burger, with a few important changes to make it FODMAP-friendly, and the staff are always happy to make the changes.

Firstly, a gluten-free bun-these are from the WAG free bakery, also in Brixton Market. Personally again some of the best gf baking comes from this shop, the rolls don’t fall to pieces in your hand and more than cope with the juicy burger.

Secondly, request no onion marmalade – easy!

Thirdly, and this is just my preference, blue cheese instead of cheddar.

It costs £1 more for the gf bun, but definitely worth it! A much better option than a “naked” or “skinny” bun-free version! That’s not a real burger!

The burger also comes with wonderfully crispy rosemary salted chips included in the price (£8 approx) a total bargain! You’ll never go to a chain burger joint again!

One key thing… Get there early! The restaurants are all fairly little, probably seating about 30 people and get very full very quickly, and it is devastating to miss out! The Soho restaurant will take your number and give you a call when a table is ready, so you can just nip to the pub opposite and grab a drink while you wait!


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