Pesto Chicken & Pasta

30 Aug


I know what you are thinking “Pesto? I can’t eat garlic!” Well I have recently discovered that Scala’s classic basil pesto is garlic-free! Fantastic!

I am a FODMAPper that struggles with lactose (very unfortunate that I am also a cheese lover) but I find the low levels in pesto are fine for me, and sometimes even add a sprinkling of parmesan to this.

This is one of my classic, easy to make, I have just got in from work and am starving, can’t face the shops, feed me in 10 mins dishes! All you need are a few staple ingredients and you are good to go! I make several variations of this dish, but I will start with the version we had last night:

Serves: 4


2 x Chicken breasts – chopped (or you can use halloumi or a selection of veg for veggies, or tuna is good too)

280g Gluten-free pasta

1/2 jar scala classic basic pesto (or make your own, recipe to follow)

half a bunch of spring onions (green part only)

splash of oil


1. Add the oil to a pan, and heat

2. Put a pan of water on to boil, once boiling cook the pasta according to guidelines/

3. When the oil is hot add the chicken and cook for approx 10 mins

4. Add the spring onions to the chicken and cook for 2 minutes, before adding the pesto and turning the pan down to a low simmer.

5. Once pasta is cooked, drain and add to the pan of chicken and pesto, stir.

6. Remove pasta, chicken and pesto mix from the stove and serve.

7. Enjoy!

I serve mine with a side salad and a sprinkling of parmesan




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