Gluten-Free Pizzas – Pizza Express

8 Sep

Pizza Express


This week/weekend I have been suffering from a really painful stomach, and not in the usual way! What is most frustrating is that I have been being really strict with the FODMAP diet after a visit to my dad’s and giving in to the delicious gluten-filled yorkshire puddings on offer!

The Mothership and I visited St Paul’s Cathedral yesterday and decided to go for a late lunch, due to the sore stomach situation, I wanted to go somewhere that I knew did good gluten-free options (just in case this whole pain, was in fact down to those delicious yorkshire puddings!) so we set upon Pizza Express.

I have been waiting years for Pizza Express to offer a gluten-free pizza, in the past, I would always choose the Melanzane Parmigiana, which although in the Pasta section was gluten-free and very tasty but I would be a bit gutted that I was in a pizza restaurant and unable to partake.

So I was delighted when earlier this year, the Gluten-Free menu was launched. I have now visited twice and both times been really impressed by the selection (you can have nearly any pizza on a gf base (which is “classic size”) but a good size for one. Also great, is that the cost is the same for a gluten-free or “normal” pizza, which in my opinion is exactly how it should be, though I have been disappointed recently seeing that some place charge a few pounds more for a gf option.

I opted for the Rustichella on a gluten-free base with the ceasar dressing on the side, as I suspected it was likely to contain garlic. I was really impressed by the base, it was a good thickness, nice and crispy at the edge and soft enough so there was no need for the dressing.

I was having lunch with The Mothership and gave her some to try and she said, had I not told her, she would not have known it was gluten-free – a true test!

The presentation is good too – served on a slate plate, the way the Leggara pizzas are served, so not only was their a great selection, a crispy, but not dry base, but they looked better than the “normal” pizzas.

Well done Pizza Express!


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