slow cooked FODMAP-Friendly Chilli

28 Sep


We’re having a very productive day over here in the FOD-a-licious kitchen. JM is beavering away making some lemon curd which, once done, I am going to use to make a GF version of the Mothership’s Lemon cake which she made me a few weeks ago! Very excited about that! While she’s doing that, I have just popped a FODMAP-friendly chilli in the slow cooker to have with some jacket potatoes for dinner. Perfect on a rainy Saturday!

This is a great slow cooker, one pot, pop it on in the morning when I go to work meal. And it could not be more perfect that on a miserable winter’s evening. Warming and satisfying! I cook it in my slow cooker but it can be cooked in a pan if you prefer. I have tried my best not to over-spice it, but I guess we’ll only know when we try it! I m looking forward to having this on a steamy jacket potato this evening! This is another one where I chop and change the spices or vegetables depending on the contents of my fridge. So I have added some additions if you fancy making any changes.


1 x bunch of spring onions (green part only, chopped)

2 x peppers, mixed colours (chopped)

1/2 x courgette (chopped)

3 x tomatoes

1 x tin tomatoes

1/2 fresh chilli

400g x lean beef mince

1 tbsp tomato puree

1 tsp dried chilli flakes

1 tsp dried coriander

small bunch fresh coriander (if available)

Other Ingredients (that I sometimes add)


Butternut squash


You can also use chilli powder/dried chillies if you don’t have any fresh

glug of red wine


If you are using a slow cooker

  • … it really is as simple as cutting up all the ingredients, putting them all in the pot, giving it all a good stir, turning it on and leaving it for about 5 hours on a medium heat and giving it the occasional stir!

Some slow cooker advice – I made the error the first time I made chilli of adding extra liquid to the slow cooker pot thinking that it would evaporate – it doesn’t!! It resulted in a very liquid chilli, effectively a soup – it still tasted nice, but it did not go well with a jacket potato! Also the spice can sometimes cook out, so give it a try a couple of times just to see how it is getting on.

If you are cooking it on the hob

  • Brown the mince in a pan
  • add the chilli and spices to the meat
  • add the vegetables and stir
  • add the tomato puree and tin of chopped tomatoes
  • give it a good stir and leave to cook for a minimum of 30 minutes, though with chilli I think the longer you cook it the better!




One Response to “slow cooked FODMAP-Friendly Chilli”

  1. Natty October 6, 2013 at 12:09 am #

    Coming from Australia, putting chili on a baked potato just blows my mind. In a good way. Next time it’s cold, I’ll be using my fructose friendly chili to do this! Great idea, thanks 🙂

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