Hello there!

Welcome to our blog. We are JM and SF. Both of us have been following the FODMAP diet for a while now (JM since Oct 2012 and SF since Feb 2013). We have found the diet to be great for alleviating our respective stomach issues (IBS & Crohns) and we both enjoy cooking and eating, both of which can feel like a big challenge when you find yourself having to eliminate huge groups of food.

Well this is where our blog comes in – we want to share our trials, tribulations, tips and treats all related to FODMAP living.

To be honest, we both have been stuck pretty safely in the elimination phase as when we tried to reintroduce other food groups it did not go so well! So regardless of the phase of the FODMAP diet you find yourself in, we hope you will find the information here useful.

Admittedly, like everyone we still have our good days and bad days (seriously, who can resist some freshly baked gluten-filled tiger bread?!) so don’t think we are FODMAP angels! We have certainly discovered, that sometimes bread is fine, sometimes it really isn’t!

So have a browse of the information here, please feel free to make comments and get involved, and we will try and respond as often as possible.

Oh, and here’s our disclaimer – neither of us are medical doctors or trained dietitians. We are simply writing about the benefit of our experiences living and eating on the FODMAP diet. Thankfully we’ve got each other (awww) and we’ve made it work and make it tasty by trying out different ideas and cooking together. And.. we’ve got so good at it we thought it only fair to share!

Happy FODMAPping!

JM & SF x


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