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Our Fabulous Fod-a-licious Brunch

21 Sep

Last weekend we held our first official Grub Club advertised brunch club. Our Fod-a-licious debut and what a blast it was! Fifteen friends and strangers joined us for a Sunday afternoon of delicious FODMAP friendly food, cocktails and great company held in a fantastic East End, iconic building with spectacular views of London.

fodmap_14Sept14v2 (4 of 34)

The afternoon began with JM’s mum’s homegrown rhubarb jam and fruity cocktail followed by SF’s delicious foccacia – a firm favourite for all who has the pleasure of sampling it. It was served with her very own pesto – bowls supped clean! Next up was the surprise puttensca coodle salad. What’s the surprise? Well, whats a coodle? Hint: All you need is a coodler and a courgette!

Main courses included JM’s Mediterranean seafood and sausage paella, tattie and sweetcorn fritters and  SF’s super tasty

blue cheese quinoa bites with a homegrown mega spicy chilli jam (SF is well known for spice-ing the life out of us).  To finish off we presented a trio of Lemon Lovelyness which consisted of SF’s famous lemon mooose and cake and our very own home brewed Limoncello. Yum!

fodmap_14Sept14v2 (30 of 34)

Our guests, not being on fodmap friendly diets like us, were surprised to find that they found our cuisine without garlic, onions and wheat (to name but a few fodmap unfriendlies) absolutely delicious. And it wasn’t just because they were tipsy on our cocktails and home brew!

So our first serious forage into the supper club business was a total success. Will we do it again? Yes we will! A lot of hard work on our part but worth it for all the fun had by us and our lovely guests. Keep an eye on our blog and twitter for our next one coming very soon. This one’s going to be a belter!


FOD-a-licious supper club-the menu

21 Sep

fodalicious fabulous

We finally did it – we did our first supper club, last Sunday 14 September,  based in an iconic venue in East London with fantastic views across the city.

Our menu is here – we didn’t quite get everything out in the right order… but we did get everything out! We’ll be posting a note about how it went very shortly, as well as the recipes we used, and following several requests, the blue cheese quinoa bites will be up soon!

We really enjoyed it, and today have set the date for our next one – details for that will also follow shortly!



FOD-a-licious menu – September


Welcome to our fabulous  FODMAP* friendly Sunday brunch


Fizzy and fresh rhubarb flirtini

Sundried tomato and olive focaccia with fresh basil pesto


Dishes to share

Warm puttenesca coodle salad

Tattie fritters with fresh sweetcorn , coriander and a spicy tomato salsa

Sweet potato and feta frittata

Mediterranean sausage and seafood paella

Blue cheese quinoa bites with a home-grown chilli jam


A trio of lemon loveliness

Lemon mooose

Lemon cake

Home brewed Limoncello


Scottish Independence tablet

Where possible all of our dishes are made with either homegrown ingredients or produce from lovely little middle class farmer’s markets around leafy Peckham. The flowers are from our garden and we’ve even recycled the wee flower jars and the bottles and painted them ourselves! Aren’t we just fabulous?

*There is information around the flat about the FODMAP friendly diet. Feel free to ask us any questions but don’t worry we won’t be boring you to death anytime soon we just want you to enjoy the food and have a great time.

Gluten-Free Pizzas – Pizza Express

8 Sep

Pizza Express


This week/weekend I have been suffering from a really painful stomach, and not in the usual way! What is most frustrating is that I have been being really strict with the FODMAP diet after a visit to my dad’s and giving in to the delicious gluten-filled yorkshire puddings on offer!

The Mothership and I visited St Paul’s Cathedral yesterday and decided to go for a late lunch, due to the sore stomach situation, I wanted to go somewhere that I knew did good gluten-free options (just in case this whole pain, was in fact down to those delicious yorkshire puddings!) so we set upon Pizza Express.

I have been waiting years for Pizza Express to offer a gluten-free pizza, in the past, I would always choose the Melanzane Parmigiana, which although in the Pasta section was gluten-free and very tasty but I would be a bit gutted that I was in a pizza restaurant and unable to partake.

So I was delighted when earlier this year, the Gluten-Free menu was launched. I have now visited twice and both times been really impressed by the selection (you can have nearly any pizza on a gf base (which is “classic size”) but a good size for one. Also great, is that the cost is the same for a gluten-free or “normal” pizza, which in my opinion is exactly how it should be, though I have been disappointed recently seeing that some place charge a few pounds more for a gf option.

I opted for the Rustichella on a gluten-free base with the ceasar dressing on the side, as I suspected it was likely to contain garlic. I was really impressed by the base, it was a good thickness, nice and crispy at the edge and soft enough so there was no need for the dressing.

I was having lunch with The Mothership and gave her some to try and she said, had I not told her, she would not have known it was gluten-free – a true test!

The presentation is good too – served on a slate plate, the way the Leggara pizzas are served, so not only was their a great selection, a crispy, but not dry base, but they looked better than the “normal” pizzas.

Well done Pizza Express!

Honest burgers – our fave & FODMAP-friendly & gluten free!

29 Aug


Honest burgers started out in Brixton market (if you’ve never been-go! They have all types of food, and all fantastic! And at good prices!) but they are now popping up across London, at the moment, soho, Camden and Portobello.

The burgers are, I have to say, some of the best I have ever tasted, and I confess I have eaten a lot of burgers in my time (though not as many as JM on her “famous” burger quest (I’ll let her explain that one!)).

I have always gone for the “Honest” burger, with a few important changes to make it FODMAP-friendly, and the staff are always happy to make the changes.

Firstly, a gluten-free bun-these are from the WAG free bakery, also in Brixton Market. Personally again some of the best gf baking comes from this shop, the rolls don’t fall to pieces in your hand and more than cope with the juicy burger.

Secondly, request no onion marmalade – easy!

Thirdly, and this is just my preference, blue cheese instead of cheddar.

It costs £1 more for the gf bun, but definitely worth it! A much better option than a “naked” or “skinny” bun-free version! That’s not a real burger!

The burger also comes with wonderfully crispy rosemary salted chips included in the price (£8 approx) a total bargain! You’ll never go to a chain burger joint again!

One key thing… Get there early! The restaurants are all fairly little, probably seating about 30 people and get very full very quickly, and it is devastating to miss out! The Soho restaurant will take your number and give you a call when a table is ready, so you can just nip to the pub opposite and grab a drink while you wait!