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Happy new year!

6 Jan

Happy new year everyone here’s to a fantastic 2015!

We’re back and revitalised having spent relaxing Xmas and new year’s with our parents and catching up with friends and family.

Looking back over the last 12 months we branched out into supper clubs, which although hard work, were great fun and a new experience for us.

So looking forward, more supper clubs, more blogging and we’re attempting meat-free Monday, which is a challenge on the FODMAP diet… I confess my first dish, which I’ll share the recipe for, wasn’t FODMAP, but was GF, and delicious, onwards and upwards!


Tesco finest All Butter Triple Chocolate Cookies…

18 Oct


Wow… just… wow. These are incredible, gluten and wheat free and taste like “real” cookies. Well done Tesco. I applaud you!

I was on my way home from the gym last night and popped into Tesco to grab some bits for dinner (Jerky pork and veg with sweet potato mash) it was a tiny little Tesco Express by Queens Road Peckham, once I had found everything for dinner it was about 20.00 and I was starving so was scouring the shelves for something to eat on the way home, and I was utterly failing. I couldn’t even find their Free From section and came very close to buying a chunk of cheese (lactose intolerant, but with a ridiculous love of cheese, the cheese always wins…). But then, out of the corner of my eye I spotted the distinctive ds brand on a tiny shelf so I popped over and my eyes were immediately drawn to some cranberry and white chocolate cookies. I obviously thought someone had mistakenly put them on the wrong shelf, but then, there were lots, and then there are triple chocolate versions? I then spotted the free from branding… Tesco finest does free from?? Well this was news to me! I quickly chucked some of the triple choc ones into my basket and ran to the checkout!

I barely made it out of the shop before ripping open the packet and shoving a cookie in my mouth, the first cookie I took out was snapped in half and my first thought was, “oh no, I am just going to have a box of crumbs”, but then cookie shoved in mouth I realised just how wrong I was…


The first thing I realised was that the bottom of the cookie was covered in delicious milk chocolate (Belgian, I discovered when I finally actually looked at the packaging) and they have that perfect crumbly yet soft texture, that is extremely rare in gluten-free cooking. They hold together perfectly (the reason for the breakage was possibly my over-enthusiastic chucking of cookie box into basket!).


I shared them with my housemates (one GF the other not) and both agreed that you would never know that they were made without wheat and that they were actually, quite possibly the best cookies we have ever tasted.

If you spot them in tesco’s I would recommend picking up a couple of packs, especially if you live with other people, GF or not, these cookies will not last long!

I am disappointed for two reasons – I only bought one pack, I should have at least bought the white chocolate and cranberry ones for comparison, obviously. And there are now no cookies left…




Mary Berry does Salad Dressing

11 Oct


Who knew that Mary Berry, of cake baking and Great British Bake Off fame made salad dressing too? I assumed that this was made by some other Mary Berry, but after a very quick google search I discovered it is the one and same Mary Berry! And it turns out they make Chutney’s and all sorts too. Every day IS a school day.

Unfortunately the website doesn’t list the ingredients of each of the products, but when I found them, I had a quick look, the Salad dressing and light salad dressing are both onion, garlic, gluten, nut and dairy-free, Not only are these a FODMAPpers dream, but really tasty! They remind me of the Pizza Express dressing that you can also buy in the shops, but without the garlic and other intolerable ingredients! It’s a good thick sauce and would work well as a dip as well as a salad dressing, so when you find yourself with a rather dry GF offering, or a salad that could do with a bit of something other than oil and balsamic, or you find yourself wishing you had a good sauce for your steak – a splash of this makes the world of difference!

I’m not sure about the ingredients in their other products (lets be honest a chutney without onion is unlikely) but I will be keeping an eye out for them!




Genius Bread – a revelation

3 Oct

I know, I know, I am VERY late to this particular party, but on Monday I was heading to work and really fancied some proper bread (specifically a bagel) but I was well aware this would be a terrible idea, so I headed to Co-op to see what was available in their little Free From section. It was all the usual, tiny slices of gf bread in a vacuum pack, gf pitta and cakes, that was my choice. Not fancying any of that (surprise surprise) I snuck round to the other side of the shelf full of loaf upon loaf of fresh, gluten-filled bread looking oh so enticing, and then out of the corner of my eye, what did I spot? Only a lonely looking loaf of Genius soft white sandwich loaf.

I was surprised to find it in the “normal” bread section, as since embarking on a gluten-free diet back in February I never venture too near the bakery for fear of overwhelming temptation, leading to me running home with a freshly baked loaf under my arm and devouring the entire thing in a matter of minutes while repeating to myself, “I’ll just have one little slice, I’ll just have one more little slice” until all there is left are a few crumbs and me lying on the sofa complaining about how sore my stomach is!

Anyway back to the bread, my second surprise was the price! £3 for a half size loaf of bread, what is it made from? Gold? Compare this to the surrounding bread, a “normal” loaf of comparative size was a mere 85p, and a Weight Watchers one £1.39.

But since it was the best offering available, I went for it, £3 is a better option than a day in pain at work.

I got to work and headed straight to the toaster. First impressions, the bread actually had a defined crust, with a squashy middle, like actual bread (admittedly not as squishy as normal bread though much better than other gf versions I had tried). The bread did not immediately fall to pieces in my hands… Very unusual. I popped a couple of slices into the toaster, but was unable to wait, I quickly buttered (well, to be precise, soya spreaded) the end crust…

It had that typical gf sweetness, it was soft and had a harder crust, and was the first time I had even considered eating the end crust of some gf bread, and you know what? I liked it! I’d do it again! Then the toast was ready,there was that mouthwatering smell of toast wafting through our tiny work kitchen, people were commenting on how nice it smelt and how good it looked and they weren’t even aware of its gluten-free status!

I was excited! I quickly buttered (soya-spreaded) and marmited and didn’t even make it to my desk before I had eaten the first half! Toast! I think it has been over a year since I have had toast! I’ve been trying to make out that corn cakes with a bit of spread and marmite is the same. IT ISN’T!

This is a diet changer. All those foods that were so out of reach, peanut butter on toast, marmite on toast, cheese toasties, sandwiches! All now back firmly in my sights! It seems that my previously boring breakfast and lunches and diet based on corn cakes and rice is on the road to becoming a bit more “normal”.

Thank you Genius! I am off to invest in a toasted sandwich maker! Cheese and marmite toasties are officially back on the menu! Now if only Branson would develop an onion free pickle…

Champagne Diet… It’s FODMAP-friendly!

30 Aug

Admittedly we’re on more of a cava/prosecco level, but this just about sums it up…

We have this on our fridge to remind ourselves how good we have it!!



Coming soon…

27 Aug

Very exciting news (!) we are almost ready to publish some of the recipes we have been developing here… Hopefully by the weekend there will be the start of a helpful place for you (or failing that, us) to find some tasty FODMAP-friendly recipes and advice.


(It’s only when googling “coming soon” that I realise how weird it looks when you have a page of “coming soon” jpegs!)