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Our Fabulous Fod-a-licious Brunch

21 Sep

Last weekend we held our first official Grub Club advertised brunch club. Our Fod-a-licious debut and what a blast it was! Fifteen friends and strangers joined us for a Sunday afternoon of delicious FODMAP friendly food, cocktails and great company held in a fantastic East End, iconic building with spectacular views of London.

fodmap_14Sept14v2 (4 of 34)

The afternoon began with JM’s mum’s homegrown rhubarb jam and fruity cocktail followed by SF’s delicious foccacia – a firm favourite for all who has the pleasure of sampling it. It was served with her very own pesto – bowls supped clean! Next up was the surprise puttensca coodle salad. What’s the surprise? Well, whats a coodle? Hint: All you need is a coodler and a courgette!

Main courses included JM’s Mediterranean seafood and sausage paella, tattie and sweetcorn fritters and  SF’s super tasty

blue cheese quinoa bites with a homegrown mega spicy chilli jam (SF is well known for spice-ing the life out of us).  To finish off we presented a trio of Lemon Lovelyness which consisted of SF’s famous lemon mooose and cake and our very own home brewed Limoncello. Yum!

fodmap_14Sept14v2 (30 of 34)

Our guests, not being on fodmap friendly diets like us, were surprised to find that they found our cuisine without garlic, onions and wheat (to name but a few fodmap unfriendlies) absolutely delicious. And it wasn’t just because they were tipsy on our cocktails and home brew!

So our first serious forage into the supper club business was a total success. Will we do it again? Yes we will! A lot of hard work on our part but worth it for all the fun had by us and our lovely guests. Keep an eye on our blog and twitter for our next one coming very soon. This one’s going to be a belter!


Pesto, bacon, Feta FODMAP Frittata

28 Sep


So on Thursday I was due to meet my friend for dinner, we’d planned to go to Pizza Express so I hardly ate all day in preparation and was really looking forward to another one of their GF pizzas. I was also STARVING! When I met her, she then told me she wasn’t feeling well and suggested we went for a cuppa instead. So we had a cuppa and a chat which was lovely, but by the time I made it home at 9 I was so, so, hungry! I had to whip something up from whatever I had in the fridge, and came up with a frittata! I had never made one before, but for a while I had been thinking it would be a great FODMAP-friendly option. Having never made one before I had a quick look online and found this recipe for an “as-you-like-it tortilla” which is perfect – it basically says, use whatever you’ve got! It did give me the idea of adding pesto to the egg mix which I wouldn’t have thought of otherwise!

Frittata’s are also a great next day lunch option, or as a snack at parties or last minute dinner! I made a fairly small one had half for my dinner and half for lunch at work the next day. So the measurements below are for a frittata for two, but you can obviously add more depending on your numbers.


4 x eggs

1 x spoonful of pesto

3 x smoked bacon rashers chopped

1 x spring onion (green part only)

60g x feta

1/2 x courgette

chopped potato (if you have some cooked, great, if not cook as you go, like I did!)

salt and pepper to taste


  • Beat the eggs together with the pesto
  • Add the chopped bacon (and potato, finely sliced, if uncooked) to a frying pan and cook for about 5 mins until it has a bit of colour. I don’t use oil when cooking bacon, but if you do, add some to the pan before cooking the bacon and potatoes.
  •  Add sliced courgette and spring onion and cook for a further 2 minutes.
  • Remove half of the mix from the pan and add half the feta
  • Pour in the pesto egg mixture and place the ingredients removed from the pan and the remaining feta on top
  • Cook on the hob until its cooked about three quarters through
  • Place under the grill until fully set and slightly browned on top
  • Serve!


Pesto Chicken & Pasta

30 Aug


I know what you are thinking “Pesto? I can’t eat garlic!” Well I have recently discovered that Scala’s classic basil pesto is garlic-free! Fantastic!

I am a FODMAPper that struggles with lactose (very unfortunate that I am also a cheese lover) but I find the low levels in pesto are fine for me, and sometimes even add a sprinkling of parmesan to this.

This is one of my classic, easy to make, I have just got in from work and am starving, can’t face the shops, feed me in 10 mins dishes! All you need are a few staple ingredients and you are good to go! I make several variations of this dish, but I will start with the version we had last night:

Serves: 4


2 x Chicken breasts – chopped (or you can use halloumi or a selection of veg for veggies, or tuna is good too)

280g Gluten-free pasta

1/2 jar scala classic basic pesto (or make your own, recipe to follow)

half a bunch of spring onions (green part only)

splash of oil


1. Add the oil to a pan, and heat

2. Put a pan of water on to boil, once boiling cook the pasta according to guidelines/

3. When the oil is hot add the chicken and cook for approx 10 mins

4. Add the spring onions to the chicken and cook for 2 minutes, before adding the pesto and turning the pan down to a low simmer.

5. Once pasta is cooked, drain and add to the pan of chicken and pesto, stir.

6. Remove pasta, chicken and pesto mix from the stove and serve.

7. Enjoy!

I serve mine with a side salad and a sprinkling of parmesan