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Pesto, bacon, Feta FODMAP Frittata

28 Sep


So on Thursday I was due to meet my friend for dinner, we’d planned to go to Pizza Express so I hardly ate all day in preparation and was really looking forward to another one of their GF pizzas. I was also STARVING! When I met her, she then told me she wasn’t feeling well and suggested we went for a cuppa instead. So we had a cuppa and a chat which was lovely, but by the time I made it home at 9 I was so, so, hungry! I had to whip something up from whatever I had in the fridge, and came up with a frittata! I had never made one before, but for a while I had been thinking it would be a great FODMAP-friendly option. Having never made one before I had a quick look online and found this recipe for an “as-you-like-it tortilla” which is perfect – it basically says, use whatever you’ve got! It did give me the idea of adding pesto to the egg mix which I wouldn’t have thought of otherwise!

Frittata’s are also a great next day lunch option, or as a snack at parties or last minute dinner! I made a fairly small one had half for my dinner and half for lunch at work the next day. So the measurements below are for a frittata for two, but you can obviously add more depending on your numbers.


4 x eggs

1 x spoonful of pesto

3 x smoked bacon rashers chopped

1 x spring onion (green part only)

60g x feta

1/2 x courgette

chopped potato (if you have some cooked, great, if not cook as you go, like I did!)

salt and pepper to taste


  • Beat the eggs together with the pesto
  • Add the chopped bacon (and potato, finely sliced, if uncooked) to a frying pan and cook for about 5 mins until it has a bit of colour. I don’t use oil when cooking bacon, but if you do, add some to the pan before cooking the bacon and potatoes.
  •  Add sliced courgette and spring onion and cook for a further 2 minutes.
  • Remove half of the mix from the pan and add half the feta
  • Pour in the pesto egg mixture and place the ingredients removed from the pan and the remaining feta on top
  • Cook on the hob until its cooked about three quarters through
  • Place under the grill until fully set and slightly browned on top
  • Serve!