Happy new year!

6 Jan

Happy new year everyone here’s to a fantastic 2015!

We’re back and revitalised having spent relaxing Xmas and new year’s with our parents and catching up with friends and family.

Looking back over the last 12 months we branched out into supper clubs, which although hard work, were great fun and a new experience for us.

So looking forward, more supper clubs, more blogging and we’re attempting meat-free Monday, which is a challenge on the FODMAP diet… I confess my first dish, which I’ll share the recipe for, wasn’t FODMAP, but was GF, and delicious, onwards and upwards!


We’ve been pretty quiet here haven’t we?

21 Sep

I am amazed that people have been looking at our site, even though it has been a long, long, long time since we have posted anything, so thank you to all of you that have stumbled across us and apologies for being so quiet!

The reason for the Fod-a-licious silence? Well a multitude of things really, I haven’t been feeling too well, so have been pretty uninspired when it comes to cooking – everything I ate seemed to leave me in pain, no matter how good I was, but hopefully a visit to the gastro in a couple of weeks should help, work has been mad, JM has a new fabby job and I have changed jobs slightly and on top of all that, we decided the next step in our FODMAP adventure was to run a supper club, which we did for the first time last week – it involved a LOT of prep, but we really enjoyed it, so are planning the next one!

Before that happens though, we are going to update you all with some of the things we have made for the supper club and we’ll be back on the invention tests for new things to make!

So thanks again for sticking with us, and we promise to update you more regularly!


JM & SF x


Spicy Maple Peanut Sesame Chicken

8 Sep

20130908-162251.jpgWhile visiting my dad’s last weekend, my step-mum spotted my original blog on Maple Peanut Sesame Chicken and so I decided to make it again, with a couple of changes. I added the chilli I refrained from adding in my original blog.

I added half a red chilli into the mixture before marinading and it had a nice little chilli kick, but it was not overpowering, or enough to send your mouth on fire. A word of advice, it is worth checking how spicy your chillis are before adding them though! I probably would have made my usual mistake and added a whole chilli and it would have been too much.

I once again served the chicken with mashed sweet potato and sesame stir-fried vegetables but this time I added some cashew nuts.

A success all round!




Coming soon…

27 Aug

Very exciting news (!) we are almost ready to publish some of the recipes we have been developing here… Hopefully by the weekend there will be the start of a helpful place for you (or failing that, us) to find some tasty FODMAP-friendly recipes and advice.


(It’s only when googling “coming soon” that I realise how weird it looks when you have a page of “coming soon” jpegs!)